Friday, December 30, 2011

Caleb's operation

It is the end of 2011. We are on holiday and we have gone away. We are at our land where we are building our rock house.

We are not building this time as we have come here because Caleb needed an operation. We could not have the operation done where we live as the Professor who did it practices in George and Knysna.

Scritch, scritch!
Caleb had the growth plates scraped away from the right tibia, fibula, and femur. His leg to hip is 6.5 cm longer on the right hand side compared to the left side.

He was booked in at the hospital on the 23 December at 6.30 in the morning and released the same day at about midday. This operation will slow down the growth on the right hand side so that the legs should even out more.

Caleb is not allowed to run, jump, or move around much for six weeks.

Watching movies on the
cousin's laptop - how boring!

It has been one week and we are having a huge problem already trying to keep him from moving around all over. He is using crutches and has definately mastered them! Three days ago he overdid it and was in extreme pain the whole night. The professor got quite upset with me as he does not like it when children are in pain. He would like us to take him swimming after about 2 weeks. This should help get rid of his energy and help heal his leg.