Monday, March 19, 2012

Scouts, Cubs and Kontiki

This has been such a busy term for us with Scouts and Cubs. Hannah and Sheth have both been invested. Sheth is now eight. He was not ready to join Cubs at seven but is definitely ready this year - so much so that he is quiet mischievous there.

Since the first week of term the Scouts have been practicing for the Kontiki competition. They were making soap carvings, masks, rockets that actually shoot up into the air, a space mobile etc. It was great fun!

Well the competition finally arrived on the week end of the 16 March. We dropped Hannah and Caleb at Sandvlei a bit late as Caleb was helping our Durbanville Cubs.

There is such a nice group of parents in Scouts that we all ended up talking for hours.

We went home Friday night as I had a market Saturday morning. After the market we went back to Kontiki.

Last year we came seventh, and this year we came fourth! Well done 1st Durbanville! It was a long, fun, exhausting weekend.