Friday, June 15, 2012


It is the middle of the year. We are on holiday and we all need it!

This has been an interesting year and one of the busiest that I have had in a long time.

I have been studying Thai massage to be a practitioner and to be a teacher. I am a practitioner now and am building up a client base. I love healing people and working on people.

I am schooling three children using the Waldorf pedagogy. I use most, if not all of Melisa Nielsons curriculum ( This year Caleb and Hannah have basically been self studying. I plan their work and put it in their diaries. They have done well academically but the craft and art has been lacking big time. Sheth and I school about two hours every morning.

I am starting a new programme that Melisa has called Thinking, Feeling, Willing ( I am so excited as I feel it is going to get me on track again. Getting to do more art and craft with the children is my aim. Getting us back into the beauty of life and not just the drudgery of every day boredom.

I love having my children around me, I love teaching them and nurturing them. I love my family and want them to prosper and love life. Greg and I want to bring up happy well adjusted adults. This is not such an easy task to do, as we are finding out.

Rhythm, love, patience, boundaries and consistency are all very important when we bring up our children. This gives them a sense of being wanted, loved and being part of the family. This gives them security and comfort.

As the children get older they become easier yet much more difficult. With two children at the early teenage stage we definitely have a lot of attitude around here. As they get older my patience has grown in leaps and bounds.  

This holiday we are going to relax,  have fun and get back into the beauty of life