Monday, March 28, 2011


Green Eggs and Ham for
Caleb. No, he didn't get
sick from eating this.
Last week-end was Kon-Tiki. It is a Scout and Girl Guide competition. It started on Friday and ended on Sunday late.

So, to make it a busier week-end we had woodwork at 9.00 Friday morning till 1.00. A half hour after we got to woodwork Caleb went white and ended up having to sleep for a couple of hours, as he felt ill. We then drove to Sandvlei with a pit stop for lunch.

As I parked the car at 2.45 and turned around to tell Caleb to get out and go to his team, he started to vomit! Thank goodness it was out of the car. I had to make a plan soon!

Well, granny's house is five minutes away, so that is where we went. Back to bed for Caleb! He slept untill about 5 and woke up, insisting on having a bath with Epson salts in. As I walked him back to granny's bedroom, she arrived home from work and he started to vomit, into a bucket this time. What a home coming for her.

As you can see, the theme
is Dr. Seuss this year.
When Greg arrived we went to the house we were staying at for the week-end. Caleb slept till morning. We all woke early, getting ready to take the girls to their creative writing course. Caleb was going to do the course but he had been chosen to be raft crew, and was not able to do it.

Sharna's friend, Michael
After we dropped Caleb off at scouts, Tracy and I took the girls to their writing course; then shopping; then back to the vlei. By this stage I was exhausted and it was't even 10.00 yet.

Ready for the
opening parade.
Tracy and I were talking and then started to stress because we couldn't find Hannah and Sharna. Jessica couldn't find them and neither could Greg! I ran to find Caleb and he laughed and said they were on the course. Well! It was all too much for me at this stage!

And they're off!
Good thing it's not a race.
They move rather slowly.
We fetched the girls, dropped them off and encouraged them with building the rafts. They got on the rafts at 2.00. Caleb was so happy!

We went to the house we were staying at and all fell asleep. I woke Sheth and Sharna at 7.15. We had dinner and then we got the nineteen footer ready to row over to the scouts. As we were leaving I got a call to come and fetch Caleb as the doctor had taken him off the raft. We rowed to the scouts to fetch him.

In position for their
night on the raft.
It was a beautiful evening and the moon was 13 percent larger than normal as it was the closest it had been to earth in nineteen years. It was the Autumn equinox, making it the highest tide. This was very bad for Japan!

We left Sharna with Hannah and went back home with Caleb. Back to sleep for him and Sheth. Greg fetched Sharna at 11. What a long day!

Sunday morning and we were back at the vlei. Hannah was excited to see us! She had enjoyed her camp. Hannah was ready to go home at 11.30 and we only left after prize giving, which was at 4.30.

I think this was the
winning team.
The winning team were Girl Guide Rangers. And the second team was a complete homeschool bunch of Girl Guide Rangers.

Sharna's visit

My eldest niece has come to stay with us. She arrived on her fifteenth birthday, "How fast they grow!"

An hour after she arrived we had a dinner party for her birthday. There were thirteen people here in my very small home celebrating with her.

On the following Tuesday the children's great granny visited. Sharna had not seen her for about four years, and really enjoyed seeing her.

Sharna has been doing pottery with James. She has done about 18 classes so far. James has offered to teach her at no cost, as she has an affinity with clay.

The children did woodwork and Sharna joined that class as well. She made a jewellery box. She has wittled before so enjoyed the different aspect of woodwork.

The next day Hannah and Sharna did a creative writing course. They learned a lot and enjoyed the morning. Hannah enjoyed the class especially as there was a nice looking boy there! How quickly they grow!

Adult socks

My beautiful niece is staying with me. Autumn is coming and the weather is cooling. So back to the knitting! I am using pink and chocolate brown to give the impression of warmth and love. I hope you enjoy my pattern.

Adult socks
100g of sock wool.
A set of 4 needles, 2.75 mm.

Cast on 60sts. Put 20 st on each needle.
Knit in the round.
Rib as long as you like. I like a longer rib so I do a min. of 10 rows.
Change to knit stitch and knit 40 to 60 rows.

New round.
Knit 13 sts on first needle.
Slip last 14 sts from end of third needle. (27 sts)
Work backwards and forwards on these 27 sts.
Row 1. purl.
Row 2. Slip one, purl one etc. till last stitch which is a slip st.
Row 3. Purl.
Continue with row 2 and 3 another 10 times, 20 rows in total.

Turn heel
Row 1. Knit 17, knit two together in the back of the stitchs, turn.
Row 2. Slip one, purl 7, purl two together, turn.
Row 3. Slip one, knit 8, knit two together in the back of the stitch. Turn.
Row 4. Slip one, purl 9, purl two together. Turn.
Row 5. Slip one, knit 10, knit two together in the back of the sts.
Continue untill you have 17 sts.
Knit 9.
On needle one: Knit 8. Pick up 12sts. (20 sts)
On needle two: Knit 33 sts.
On needle three: Pick up 12 sts, knit 9 sts. (21sts)

Shape heel
Row 1. knit.
Row 2. Needle one. Knit to last two sts. Knit two together.
Needle two. Knit sts.
Needle three. Knit two together in the back of the sts. Knit to the end of the row.
Repeat row 1 and 2 till  60sts in remain.

Knit till length required.

Shape toe
Needle one, 15sts.
Needle two, 30sts.
Needle three, 15sts.
Row 1.
On needle one: knit to last three sts. Knit two together. Knit one.
Needle two: knit one, knit two together in the back. Knit till last
three sts. Knit two together. Knit one.
Needle three: knit one, knit two together in the back.
Row 2. Knit.
Repeat last two rows till 24 sts remain.
Graft sts.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Extracurricular activities are a very interesting topic if you homeschool. Some say it is vital for socialization, others say that the less running around you do with the children, the better. I think both are very valid points!

I feel that when the children are young you should have a strong home rhythm, with as little going out as possible. Nature walks, celebrating our festivals and visiting family is what we enjoy as a family. We limit visiting family to once a month as it is a long drive and the children get exhausted. But we love our family visiting us. Family is a big part of our lives as they are special. We wish we saw Oma and my aunts and uncles more.

Now that the children are getting older we allow certain extracurriculars. Once a month they do woodwork.
This is a new thing this year and they are really enjoying it.
Caleb with his drawings
for the art badge
Hannah is a girl guide and Caleb a scout. Sheth is not interested in cubs at this stage.

They do pottery with a master potter. They love it so much that they are saving their money to buy their own wheels.

Swimming class 2011
They do swimming in summer. This has just stopped, thank goodness as it was all getting a bit much.

The other thing they do is horse riding. Caleb and Hannah have been doing lessons for about three years now. Sheth does random lessons when he feels like it. They won't be riding for the next year or so with their teacher, my good friend, as she is pregnant. They will be riding with friends though.

This may seem like a lot of extracurriculars, but the only reason they do so much is that:
a. Pottery is one block away from us.
b. Horse riding is one block away from us in the opposite direction.
c. Swimming is a ten minute drive away, but all three children do their lesson together and it is a once a week lesson. We only do this for twelve weeks of the year.
The guides preparing
for Kontiki
d. Girl guides and Scouts are thirty kilometers away. This is once a week on different days. I go with Hannah and Greg goes with Caleb. They love it so much that I would never want to give this up!
e. Caleb has been selected out of almost 90 children to be a Table Mountain National Park: Junior Ranger. We are so proud of him! He does this one Saturday a month. He gets picked up by bus and dropped off
again. This is very exciting as he had never gone on a bus before.

If you noticed the older two do the extracurriculars that are longish drives. Sheth stays home and doesn't go with.

I enjoy my free time when the children go to pottery. It gives me time to clean, read, watch a programme or do school preparation - whatever is the most important to me on that day.