Monday, March 28, 2011

Sharna's visit

My eldest niece has come to stay with us. She arrived on her fifteenth birthday, "How fast they grow!"

An hour after she arrived we had a dinner party for her birthday. There were thirteen people here in my very small home celebrating with her.

On the following Tuesday the children's great granny visited. Sharna had not seen her for about four years, and really enjoyed seeing her.

Sharna has been doing pottery with James. She has done about 18 classes so far. James has offered to teach her at no cost, as she has an affinity with clay.

The children did woodwork and Sharna joined that class as well. She made a jewellery box. She has wittled before so enjoyed the different aspect of woodwork.

The next day Hannah and Sharna did a creative writing course. They learned a lot and enjoyed the morning. Hannah enjoyed the class especially as there was a nice looking boy there! How quickly they grow!

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