Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ending first month of school.

We are finishing off our first month of school. It has been a good month. Sheth has done a two week block on form drawing. He is now doing his second week of language arts. He has read his first three readers and is enjoying it.

 Sheth is enjoying the story of the prince who needs to learn wisdom before he can become king. He has learnt the first two parts of wisdom, the O letter and the E letter. He has three more pieces of wisdom to go!

Caleb and Hannah are finishing up there first block on "Man and Animal". We have had a lot of fun modeling our animals with bees wax.
We have done wet on wet painting every week based on the animal that we have learnt about. Grammar land has been really good, as we are understanding our first five parts of speech - the noun, article, pronoun, adjective and interjection. Our Main Lesson books are looking really pretty with all our colours. Caleb said we don't have to do an interesting border around our page as our writing looks beautiful.

Next week Hannah and I will start a three week block on Form Drawing. This should help with improving the neatness of her handwriting.

Caleb will be doing a three week block on free hand geometry. We did not have time to do it last year so we are doing it now. Later on in the year we will do the grade 6 block on geometry. I am using the book "A Journey through Waldorf Geometry" by Melisa Nielsen. It covers grade 5, 6 and 7.

Sheth and I will carry on with the Christopherus grade one curriculum.

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