Sunday, July 3, 2011

Grade 8 curriculum: History

The Age of Revolution
by Charles Kovacs
Cost is about R100 to R150 depending on the exchange rate. Book Depository does not charge for shipping. Loot shipping is free for orders over R230 so even if the exchange rate is not doing too well, it might still be cheaper to buy from Book Depository if you are getting a single book.

'An overview of world history from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries, including the French, American and Industrial Revolutions. Kovacs chooses pertinent stories which create a tapestry showing the development of humankind from Medieval times, when every person had their place in the hierarchy of society, to the awakening of individualism in modern times.'

1. Spain and Holland
2. The Dutch Rebellion
3. The Siege of Leyden
4. The Divine Rights of Kings
5. Charles I
6. Chromwell and the Civil War
7. The execution of Charles
8. England and Scotland
9. The Lord Protector
10. The Restoration
11. The Merry Monarch
12. The Plague and the Great Fire
13. The Glorious Revolution
14. Union of 1707
15. The Jacobite Rebellion
16. Past and Future: Russia and Germany
The French Revolution
17. The Huguenots
18. Le Roi Soleil
19. Versailles
20. Banking
21. Louis XV
22. The Count of Saint Germain
23. Rousseau, Voltaire and the Aristocrats
24. The American War of Independence
25. Louis XVI. The Three Estates.
26. Liberty - Equality - Fraternity
27. The Tuileries
28. Danton, Robespierre
29. The Reign of Terror
30. Napoleon
31. Egypt
32. Emperor Napoleon and Trafalgar
33. Austerlitz
34. Elab, Waterloo
The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
35. The Threefold State
36. The Beginning of the Industrial Revolution
37. The Arrival of Steam Power
38. The Locomotive
39. The Proletarians
40. Liberty and Economics
41. Robert Owen
42. The workers' Struggle
43. Robert Clive
44. Garibaldi: the Early Years
45. Garibaldi and the Unification of Italy
46. Henry Dunant
47. Abraham Lincoln
48. Tsar Alexander II
49. Bismarck
50. The Turn of the Century
51. The First World War
52. The Rise of Nationalism
53. The Second World War
54. Prospects
I will be teaching this as three main lessons, three weeks each as the book has been divided so nicely for it.

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