Monday, January 23, 2012

Starting school

We have started school. It is going to be a busy year all round and I am tired already!

Sheth and I have been working everyday and his reading is doing so well. In Waldorf, the children learn to read in grade 2. And, so this is grade 2! We will be doing Nature Stories, and Saints this year. We will be expanding on our maths going into vertical adding, subtracting, times tables, etc.

Hannah will be doing Ancient Mythologies, botany, Greek Mythology going into Greek History, some South African history, and the first block of Geometry.

Caleb will be doing the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Age of Discovery, Physics, Chemistry, the last block of Geometry, Health and the Body, Physiology, Astronomy and some South African history.

We all do Afrikaans, recorder, maths and English. I find it quite difficult to do it all so our recorder and Afrikaans tends to not go as fast as I would hope, but we still plod along with them.

Our extra curricular subjects are Cubs, Scouts, Pottery, Woodwork, Piano and Drama. As you can see we have a full schedule ahead of us.

I am teaching Caleb and Hannah to work alone. I have bought them diaries and write their work in it for each day. This seems to working well for now! Hannah basically works without my help at all. Caleb on the other hand will need alot more of me training him to work alone.

And so the year has begun.

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