Friday, February 24, 2012

Grade two maths

Sheth and I have been having a lot of fun doing maths, the last couple of weeks.

We have been recapping our four processes. We have heard stories about the processes. The monkey and the crocodile was for subtraction.

We heard about King Turnip Counter, which opened the door for us to count to 100 twice and then count backward from 100.  

We also drew big circles on our outside cement. We then numbered  them up to 40. Sheth walked on the numbers while counting. He walked backwards as he counted backwards. He then jumped as we recapped our 2, 5 and 10 times tables.  

Then to the book work! Sheth drew lily leaves in water, he numbered them and then coloured certain numbers for his skip counting. He has the sweetest turtle which fits on the leaves, so we make up games and play.

We then moved on to the 3 and 6 times tables.

I am teaching Waldorf maths and we use the odd word sheet from Math-U-See.

Sheth enjoys maths where Caleb never did. This is because Caleb did Math-U-See only: book work, book work, book work! No time to play and learn through play. If only I had found Waldorf home schooling sooner.

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