Friday, May 4, 2012

Thai massage

This is the first time that I am writing about me. Normally my life is the children, their schooling, knitting for them or other family and friends and my husband. I love all these things with a passion or I would not do any of it.

Last year I hit the middle age crises stage! Well when I went into it deeper, Rudolf Steiner talks about this and he was dead on right down to the exact month.

Me, being a person who doesn't wallow in self pity, started to make plans. I made lists and lists and more lists. Then I prayed, never ceasing, as we are told to do. I wrote lists about things I wanted to study or businesses I wanted to start. I would get frustrated as we have no money for any of the above. And, I prayed more.

My dad asked me if he could come stay with me for a while as he has got a lovely lady friend and they were coming to see us. I am always happy to have people, so said yes.

Dad and Maureen came for dinner. Dad was staying here and Maureen with her friend.  

Maureen was going to be teaching Thai massage and LomiLomi Hawaiian massage while they were here, so that she could cover the cost of the trip.  

I joked with Greg and asked him if he had money on the credit card so that I could do the training. Maureen asked if I was serious and when I said yes she told me she would gift me with the training. I was ecstatic to say the least.

It took a lot of planning as I homeschool, but as this was something I really wanted - I made it work. Dad looked after the kids. I planned all their school work and had it ready for them.

I did about a month of training, coming home exhausted, as it is physical, and I was learning about muscles I had forgotten existed in my body. I had a lot to read and try to retain, and I was finding it quite difficult. I had last studied 18 years ago. I was marking and checking Caleb and Hannah's school work in the evenings, eating and going to sleep exhausted. I was enjoying myself intently!

What I did:
1. Thai reflexology foot massage
2. Thai introduction
3. Thai level 1
4. Thai level 2
5. Traditional Hawaiian massage level 1
6. Traditional Hawaiian massage level 2
7. Traditional Hawaiian massage level 3
Wow what a blessing.

Now the work began. I had to do my case studies.  I got really overwhelmed as I had done all the courses back to back and now I had to somehow sort it all out in my mind. So, what I did was start doing the case studies for the Thai introduction  massage. When I got those done, I sent them off to Maureen who by now had gone back.

I then did my case studies for Thai foot massage, and then for Thai level 1 and then level 2. By this stage the massage was part of me and my love for it was growing daily.

Greg bought me a beautiful chocolate brown leather massage table for my Hawaiian massage and a floor mat for my Thai massage.

Maureen came back a couple of months later and I helped her to teach Thai massage at one of our local international beauty colleges. This just helped settle it all for me. I love doing massage.

Last week we went to see my oma who is turning 88 this week. She told me that my great opa had also been a masseur in Holland. And, that my opa's brother, who now lives in America, was also a masseur until he retired. They did Traditional massage.

So the conclusion that I have come to is that massage must be in the genes.

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