Thursday, April 4, 2013

School planning

What I have found very helpful with schooling is planning.

It takes me about 3 weeks before school starts and I reassess in every school holiday.

What I look at :
  1. I use the basic Waldorf outline for each grade. Up to grade 8.
  2. What are my child's weak points? How can we work on them.
  3. What resources do I have, and what do I need to get?
  4. I take an A4 page and divide it into 12, for the months of the year. I put in our school holidays and festivals.
  5. I make a mind map of all the things we need to study or do for the year.
  6. I write each subject down on a piece of paper and what we are going to do for the year.
  7. I then fit in my main lessons onto the A4 page that I divided into 12.

Once all that is done, I then fill in the children's diary for the first term, second term, etc. This gives them everything they need to do per day.

If it wasn't for this planning my poor kids would not have done much schooling over the past year or so.We work together as they need help and so we go along.

Happy planning

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