Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dream House (Part 1)

OK, Greg has set it up that I can write a blog entry from my cell! This is fantastic as I have NO idea how to use a computer. Greg has set my cell up that all I have to do is push 1 button and I get e-mail. Well enough of my illiteracy about computers.

I am also a bad speller and with homonyms out there spell check won't work for me! And guess what? I do not know how to use the spellcheck program anyway. SO if this is going to offend you please DO NOT read any further.

OK, this is how our dream house began.

When my youngest child Sheth was 3 months old we sold our house and my husbands business, and moved to the country. We had three young children: a 3 month old baby, Sheth, 3 year old girl, Hannah, and Caleb who was 5. We moved into the nicest run down cottage ever.

My Dad had bought land and put it in a family trust for us. After being there for about a year we moved onto the land in tents and started to build.

It was very exciting because it was so different to anything that we had ever done. It was also very hard as we had no money so Greg was seeing clients
700 km away from us. He would hitch hike which worried me!

We dug our foundations and collected mountain rock off different farms. This was free!

We paid a builder and got about a quarter of the building done. Then we had to start looking for doors and windows. This was fun as we got everything old and in good wood such as oregan pine.

The winter was harsh. It was -7 deg celsius, the frost was beautiful. It was black frost and killed most of our plants. Sheth was just over a year old now and he got Bacterial Pneumonia. We did not sleep for three nights, it was a very difficult time for us as a family.

Shortly after this we moved back to the Western Cape, but not to the suburbs. We moved to a quaint little town. That was four and a half years ago.

We have been building when we go on holiday to our small holding. This has been a long process as we live so far away.

In the mean time my dad has built his own house, and my sister has proceeded to have four more children, making it six in total.

This is the end of this entry. I will write next as I get time.

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