Monday, June 27, 2011

Grade 1 curriculum: Book list

  • How the Alphabet was Made, A Just So Story, by Rudyard Kipling
  • Roots Shoots Buckets and Boots by Sharon Lovejoy
  • Fly, Eagle, Fly an African Tale retold by Christopher Gregorowski
  • Kalinzu and the Oxpeckers by Jeremy Grimsdell
  • Once Upon a Time by Niki Daly
  • All the Magic in the World by Wendy Hartmann
  • Desert December by Dorian Haarhoff
  • Where's Jamela? By Niki Daly
  • One Round Moon and a star for me by Ingrid Mennen
  • Not so fast Songololo by Niki Daly
  • Lena's bottle tree by Wendy Maartens and Anna- Carien Goosen
  • Old Bob's Brown Bear by Niki Daly
  • The Gift of the Sun by Dianne Stewart and Jude Daly
  • Mama, Papa, and Baby Joe by Niki Daly
  • Charlie's House By Reviva Schermbrucker
  • Nama Kwa's garden by Mary Clanahan
  • The Dove by Dianne Stewart
  • Grimm's fairy tales.
  • Pooh bear stories by A.A. Milner
  • Pelle's new suit by Elsa Beskow
  • The Story of the Root Children by Sibylle Von Olfers
These books are great and my children enjoyed them up to grade three and some of them beyond that.

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