Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grade 6 curriculum: Ancient Rome.

Ancient Rome
 by Charles Kovacs
Cost is about R100 to R150 depending on the exchange rate. Book Depository does not charge for shipping. Loot shipping is free for orders over R230 so even if the exchange rate is not doing too well, it might still be cheaper to buy from Book Depository if you are getting a single book.

'This book includes the most exciting stories of Roman history: the founding of Rome, the early battles against Hannibal and the Carthaginians, Julius Caesar's conquests of Gaul and Britain, Antony and Cleopatra, the decline and fall of the Empire, and the beginning of the Dark Ages.'

From the Foundation of Rome to the time of Marits and Sulla
1. Earlier Civilizations
2. Slavery and the Gift of Christ
3. The Latin people
4. Romulus and Remus
5. The Foundation of Rome
6. The Sabine Woman
7. The Etruscans
8. The Republic of Rome
9. How Horatius Kept the Bridge
10. Patricians and Plebeins
11. Roman Laws and Ways
12. Carthage
13. Hannibal
14. Hannibal Ante Portas!
15. The Destruction of Carthage
16. A Patrician's Home
17. The Plebeians' Home
18. The Cause of the Plebeians
19. Marius
20. The Betrayal of Jugurtha
21. The People from the North
22. Rome is Saved
23. Marius: Public Enemy
24. Marius in Exile
25. Marius' Return
26. The Death of Marius
27. Spartacus
Caesars and Christians
28. Julius Caesar
29. Power
30. Gaul
31. The Celtic People
32. Britain
33. The Rubicon
34. Greetings, O King
35. The Ides of March
36. At Philippi
37. Antony and Cleopatra
38. God on Earth
39. In Palestine and in Rome
40. Caesars and Christians
41. The Arena
Early History of Britain and the Fall of the Roman Empire
42. The Stone Age
43. The Bronze Age
44. The Iron Age
45. Boadicea
46. Alban
47. The Germanic Tribes
48. The Empire Divided
49. The Vision of Constantine
50. The Monks
51. Attila the Hun
52. The Fall of Rome
53. The End of the Empire
54. Angles and Saxons
55. The Bishop of Rome
56. Winfred

Caleb and I are busy with this as our main lesson at the moment. I made it a six week lesson. I will not do this again. I will definitely turn it into two main lessons of four weeks each. Otherwise, we have really enjoyed it.

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