Thursday, May 26, 2011

Teaching vowels, grade 1.

Today Sheth and I learnt about how special vowels are. We started off by making a vowel caterpillar. This is hanging on the wall so that we can see it all the time. We have a tiny tail piece that has Y in it, for those special occasions.

I then told Sheth that every word has to have a vowel in it. I asked him to give me words to write down and then he underlined the vowels. This was fun and he loved doing it.

We then sang our vowel sounds and we tried to hold the sound as long as possible.

He proceeded to read 4 early readers to me. When he was finished I gave him a treat and sent him outside to play.

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  1. Gresat Idea! My daughter will start Grade 1 in the Fall. I am on the lookout for ideas and the caterpillar and vowel searches sound great.