Friday, May 6, 2011

Starting a new term

We went away for two weeks. It was a good two weeks - emotional, constructive and family bonding.

Greg built our bathroom. It took him seven days of work. Two of the walls were there already built in rock and he built two walls with corrugated iron. He started by doing a foundation and layer of cement blocks. Caleb helped with building the blocks. Greg then built a wood frame. In the frame he fitted in the two window and door frames. He then moved on to do the wood beams for the roof. We were all helping by passing him tools, holding things up and passing him a beer every so often. Then he started to attach the corrugated iron sheets. First the walls, then the roof.

While we were working Grandpa made all our meals except breakfast, which was instant anyway. We sat eating supper around grandpa's fireplace, talking and enjoying seeing grandpa. My nieces and nephews visited us all the time. They are so special; each so different from the other.

Now we are back and our rhythm is starting again. Wake up, make beds, get dressed, tidy rooms, eat breakfast, brush teeth, free time till school begins at 8.30, and then the school rhythm begins.

Hannah is doing a five week block on Norse Mythology. After, we move on to "Footprints on our land" which is a South African curriculum. It is the history of S.A. with all the other subjects integrated in a holistic way. The only subject I have to add is maths.

Caleb is busy with a six week block on Roman history. We have learnt about Romulus and Remus and are moving through to Hannibal. We can not wait to read more and learn more. When we finish Rome we will be doing "Footprints on our Land". This will make it easier for me with schooling as Caleb and Hannah will be doing the same thing.

Sheth and I are still working on our Christopherus grade one.

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