Friday, May 20, 2011

Grade 5 curriculum: Ancient Mythology

Ancient Mythologies
by Charles Kovacs
Cost is about R100 to R150 depending on the exchange rate. Book Depository does not charge for shipping. Loot shipping is free for orders over R230 so even if the exchange rate is not doing too well, it might still be cheaper to buy from Book Depository if you are getting a single book.

"Stories of gods and demons, noble heroes and epic adventures from the world's great myths and legends retold for children. Through colourful characters such as Buddha, Krishna, Zarathrustra, Gilgamesh, Isis and Osiris mankind's development from hunters of wild animals to builders of magnificent cities and the great pyramids spring to life. Yet beyond the historical narrative the stories reveal an ancient wisdom: the timeless source and substance out of which all myths and legends are woven."

Manu and Atlantis
King Sangara's Horse
Baghira and the River Ganges
Indra, the Warrior God
The Fishermen's Catch
The Sons of Pandu
The Hermit and the Elephant
Rama and Hanuman
Buddha, the Enlightened One
Krishna, A God in Disguise
The Peasant's Reward
The Tiger and the Monkey
Ahura Mazda and Ahriman
Hushhang Discovers Fire
King Djemshid's Golden Dagger
Zarathustra and the Kingdom of Light
The Land of Two Rivers
Marduk, the God Who Knew No Fear
Gilgamesh and Eabani
The Gift of the Nile
Isis and Osiris

This must be our favourite book of all so far that Charles wrote. It is great.

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