Friday, May 20, 2011

Grade 5 curriculum: Natural Science / Botany

by Charles Kovacs
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"Charles Kovacs characterizes different plants, from fungi, algae and lichens, to the lily and rose families. He describes the parts of each plant and their growth cycle."

The Families of Plants
1. The Plant Between Sun and Earth
2. The Dandelion
3. Fungi
4. Algae
5. Lichens
6. Moss
7. Ferns
8. Conifers
9. Trees and the Earth
10. Flowering Plants
11. Lower and Higher Flowering Plants
12. The Blossom
13. Pollen
14. Flowers and butterflies
15. Caterpillars and Butterflies
16. The Tulip
17. Seeds and Cotyledons
18. The Rose
19. The Rose Family
20. The Cabbage
21. The Nettle
The Plants We Use
22. The Oak
23. The Birch
24. The Palm Tree
25. Tea, Sugar and Coffee
26. Grass and Cereals
27. Leaves and Blossoms
28. Bees
29. Life in a beehive
30. The Spirit of the Bed

Caleb and I did this last year. We both really enjoyed it. We went outside and looked at our various plants as we were doing this block. We watched the bees as they collected pollen from our sweetpea's.

What a wonderful way to learn!

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