Friday, May 13, 2011

Grade 4 curriculum: Norse Mythology

Norse mythology
by Charles Kovacs
Cost is about R100 to R150 depending on the exchange rate. Book Depository does not charge for shipping. Loot shipping is free for orders over R230 so even if the exchange rate is not doing too well, it might still be cheaper to buy from Book Depository if you are getting a single book.

"Charles Kovacs' enchanting retelling of Norse mythology include myths on creation, Odin and Mimir, Thor and Thialfi, Idun, Sif and Loki, as well as stories of tyrannical giants and greedy dwarfs."

The Stories of the Gods
1. The creation
2. Yggdrasil
3. Human Beings Are Made
4. Odin and Mimir
5. Thor and Thialfi
6. Freya's Necklace
7. The Valkyries
8. The Story of Idun
9. The Story of Sif's Hair
10. The Making of Miolnir
11. Loki's Punishment
12. Frey and Gerda
13. Thor and Thrym
14. Loki's Children
15. Thor and the giants
16. Thor and Hrungnir
17. Thor and Hymir
18. Thor and Geirod
19. Odin's Justice
The Sagas
20. The Story of the Nibelung
21. The Story of Gudrune
22. The Story of Frithiof
23. The Story of Kvasis
The Twilight of the Gods
24. The Death of Baldur
25. Loki's Punishment
26. Ragnarok

Caleb and Hannah are enjoying these stories. They can not believe that people actually believed them. We have come to the conclusion that myths are fun.

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