Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grade 5 curriculum: Greek History

Ancient Greece
by Charles Kovacs
Cost is about R100 to R150 depending on the exchange rate. Book Depository does not charge for shipping. Loot shipping is free for orders over R230 so even if the exchange rate is not doing too well, it might still be cheaper to buy from Book Depository if you are getting a single book.

Greek Mythology
1. The Red Flower of the Gods
2. Pandora's Box
3. An Apple for Aphrodite
4. Helen's Abduction
5. The Battle for Troy
6. The Great Wooden Horse
7. Odysseus the Wanderer
8. No One and the Cyclops
9. Circe the Sorceress
10. The Sirens' Song
11. Return to Ithaca
The Argonauts
12. Jason, Heir to the Throne
13. The Golden Fleece
14. The Voyage of the Argo
15. Sowing the Dragon's Teeth
16. A Gift for the King
17. The Gorgons' Cave
18. Perseus to the Rescue
19. A Fateful Throw of the Discus
20. The Milk of a Goddess
The Twelve Labours of Heracles
21. The Path of Virtue
22. The Oracle's Advice
23. Hydra Beheaded
24. The Augean Stables
25. Taming the Twelve Mares
26. Fearless Amazons
27. The Oxen of the Sun God
28. Cerberus, the Hound of Hell
29. Heracles the Immortal
30  The Labyrinth of Minos
31  Flight to Freedom
32  The Road to Athens
33  Ariadne's Thread
34  Success and Sorrow
Greek History
35  A Royal Sacrifice
36  Spartan Warriors
37  Athenian Orators
38  A Slave for an Eye
39  The Sunlight Tree
40  Hippias the Cruel Tyrant
41  The Wrath of Darius
42  The Battle of Marathon
43  Xerxes' Mighty Army
44  Treachery at Thermopylae
45  Ships of War
46  The Judgment of the Shards
47  The Golden Age
48  The Love of Wisdom
49  Alcibiades the Traitor
50  The Death of Socrates
Alexander the Great
51  Taming Bucephalus
52  Dreams of Conquest
53  The Gordian Knot
54  The Last Battle

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