Monday, October 10, 2011


Caleb is doing his second water sport badge for Scouts. Before you can do any of these courses you have to do your swimming badge.

The first one was his Watermanship badge. It is a course that does boat rowing/pulling, water safety, water rules, knots, casting of a heaving line, being taught how to manage a dinghy, rescuing a conscious man in the water and C.P.R. He had to do 3 hours of rowing, pulling but ended up doing about 10 hours over two weekends. He came home at the end of the course exhausted but happy! He also wrote his fist exam, and passed with 74 percent.

The course he is doing now is a sailing course. It is the beginner course and I have been told that it is way better than the Watermanship badge course that he did previously. He can not wait to do the more advanced course when he is fourteen, and he is only half way through this course!

The children's great grandfather, Brian Lello, designed the first fibreglass boat in South Africa. He designed the Loch Fyne dinghy and the Lello yacht, to name a couple. Clearly Caleb is taking after his Great Grandfather Brian. The children's Uncle Jan has sailed around the world and done The Cape to Rio yacht race a few times with his dad Brian.

Caleb loves scouts and is working to become a Springbok Scout.

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  1. Interesting find about the Loch Fyne, I own one!
    Go Caleb!