Sunday, September 9, 2012


We have just joined We are ashleycoopers and are really excited about this.

It is a real live treasure hunt that is world wide. You need to have a gps, preferably on your smart phone, and internet access to go to the web and learn more about it, and then to find out where to find the cache.

I googled geocache and right at the top of the list is the website, so I clicked on that.

We joined and then started to play. We found our first cache in our little village. We also grabbed a travel bug, and will send it on its way soon.

This is great fun for families who enjoy Scouts, treasure hunts, orienteering and travelling. In general for anyone who enjoys having fun!

If any of you are "geocatchers" (the children keep pronouncing it geo-catch or -catching) please leave a comment or ask me to be a friend on

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