Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our year, one

What can I say? It has been a busy year.
We bought a house. The ugliest house ever, with the most potential! The house is much bigger than the place we were renting. The children each get their own room, and hubby and I have our own bathroom! We even have a lockable door on our bedroom, yay!
The front garden was one huge bay leaf tree and a frangipani tree. My mom-in-law has done a lot of work in the front garden with the children. She bought me plants for our house warming. My mom's favourite plant, the geraltin wax, butterfly plants and some local shrubs. I planted roses that I had grown from cuttings from a good friend of mine, and all the plants have taken and are shooting. It is starting to look really nice.
Along the drive way we have planted veggies and herbs. We have rosemary, lemon verbena, parsley, aubergines, tomatoes, gem squash and myrtle. There are lots of other plants between.
We renovated the granny flat, dividing it into two units - a bachelor pad and a one bedroom flat. We have two tenants in. A butcher in the bachelor pad and a single older lady in the one bedroom flat. This gives us a bit of financial security in case one of the tenants leave without notice.
It was long hours and hard work that got the flats ready, and of course money! Now, the next project will be painting the outside of the granny flat, and the main house.
We are enjoying our house as we settle in, we are far from organised as there are a lot of renovations to do, but we love it because it is ours.

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