Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our year, three

Caleb and Hannah have had really busy years with their extra curriculum.

Sheth is 9 and we, Greg and I, feel that the kids should be kids as long as possible, so we keep the extras for when they are older. In saying that, Sheth does cubs and piano. He did guitar at the beginning of the year and really didn't enjoy it. He asked if he could do piano instead, which he now does. He enjoys it and practices without being asked.

Hannah does Piano and music theory. She loves doing it. At the beginning of the year she had wanted to become a music teacher.

Now she wants to be a sound engineer.

Hannah has been asking if she can do flute for about 3 years, so because she did so well in her piano and theory exams we said she can do flute next year. She got in at Hugo Lambrechts to do flute!

Hannah started dancing at the beginning of the year, it was like a dream for her, as she has been wanting to dance since she was 2. Greg wouldn't allow it because he did ballet at UCT when he was younger and he found the pressure too much. He didn't want Hannah to be too young with the pressure.

She started with a teen class, which did all different genres of dance. From hip-hop to ballroom. She loved the class.

She also started with modern grade 1. Hannah started dancing with 2 left feet, bad posture and a very serious determination to work hard. She worked really hard to the degree that I would laugh at her serious facial expressions. She has become a beautiful dancer with good posture and a lovely smile when she dances. She has done so well that she is skipping a grade next year and is therefore doing grade 3 modern. I am so proud of her.

Hannah's favourite genres are contemporary, ballroom and modern.

Hannah also does Scouts. She is in an all girl patrol called the Springboks. She has advanced quite quickly. She has one small thing to do before finishing her Adventurer advancement. Hannah has worked at badges this year. She has 7 badges already. Because Hannah is quieter than Caleb and not as adventurous she is not really noticed at Scouts, and yet she is probably the youngest scout to have completed her Adventurer at 1st Durbanville. Well done girl!

Caleb is a Junior Ranger. This is his third year. He loves it and thinks he may want to be a Ranger one day. He will move up to level 4 next year.

Caleb does piano and music theory. He really enjoys it. He will be doing Cello next year at Hugo Lambrechts. He has been wanting to play cello now for just over a year. We will see how he copes with 2 instruments, grade 10 art, grade 9 Switched on Schoolhouse, etc. If it becomes too much he will be able to do the instrument that he prefers. Oh, and he and Hannah will have to do orchestra as well.

Caleb is the ultimate Scout. He loves extreme adventure. He worked hard to finish his Adventurer this year and he is more than half way through his First Class advancement. He has 17 Badges. He is working towards all 3 Explorers and all 3 cords. Some of the badges are scoutcraft, so they don't count for his Explorer. He has 4 of the 6 compulsory badges for his Sea Explorer. This year he became a patrol leader. He is really chuffed about this.

Caleb does hockey on a Tuesday and sometimes on a Thursday. It is a social game run by a couple of dads in the area. We also try hike. Caleb runs up Lions head every second Thursday or so. We do this as a family. It is great fun.

All 3 kids do arts and crafts on a Thursday morning at the Tygerburg Art Centre. They love doing it. It gives me 2 hours to mark, check and plan schooling.

We have signed up on . The kids do maths and computer programming on it. With the maths they earn energy points and badges. This is a really good incentive for my kids as it works on a similar level to Scouts with badges.
Ice-skating is definitely one of the childrens favourite past times.

At this point Caleb wants to go to Northlink College, technical school, with carpentry as his technical subject. This will be from grade 10, 2015. We are looking at doing SOS schooling or Impact next year as he will need a grade 9 report to get in. I just have to research if SOS does this. If not, we will have to get him onto Impact next year.

So as busy as this year was, next year will be busier.

I am so proud to see my children working hard and achieving good things. Well done guys. I love you. Mom.

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