Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our year, two: schooling

This year has been a bit disjointed with schooling. With packing up a house, moving etc, it hasn't been easy to keep a routine going. But, we have finished our year and that is all that matters.

This year Caleb has done:

  • Grade 8 Waldorf
  • Exploring Creation through General Science.
  • He has done the first 4 modules of 'Exploring Creation through Physical Science'.
  • Math-u-see Pre Algebra and has finished a third of Algebra 1.
  • He has finished Llatl Green book.
  • Train your brain, South African english.
  • We are working on Afrikaans, using 'Pret met Afrikaans'.

He has done art and music with other teachers which is great for him and gives me a break:

  • Music theory Grade 1, Trinity.(We are waiting for his marks)
  • Piano practical, Intro Grade, Trinity: 78% Merit.
  • Arts and craft at the Tygerberg Art Centre.
  • Junior Rangers: level 3.
  • Scouts: he completed Adventurer and is almost finished First Class. He was appointed as a Patrol leader and is working on his badges that go towards his 3 explorers and 3 cords!
  • Bronze Presidential award, he will have completed this in January.
  • Ballroom, hip-hop, african and contemporary dancing.
  • Khan Academy: maths and computer programming.

Well, when I look at this list it does seem that he has done quite a lot.


  • Grade 6 and7 Waldorf.
  • Math-u-see Zeta.
  • Llatl tan.
  • Afrikaans, Pret met Afrikaans.
  • Exploring creation through general science

With other teachers:

  • Music theory, Trinity, grade 1, waiting on marks.
  • Piano practical, Intro grade, Trinity: 87% distinction.
  • Arts and crafts, Tygerberg Art Centre.
  • Modern dance grade 1, waiting on marks.
  • Scouts: Hannah has a talk with her Scouter and then she has completed her Adventurer award.
  • Ballroom, hip-hop, african and contemporary dance.
  • Khan Academy: maths and computer programming.

Also a full schedule.


  • Llatl red book.
  • Math-u-see Delta.
  • Little Footprints.
  • Waldorf.

  • Guitar.
  • Piano.

Well all in all a very busy year.

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