Sunday, April 10, 2011

Art curriculum: Form Drawing

For our family, art is very important. My husband is an artist and I am a crafter. I found that there are not many art curricula out there.

I then started looking at the Waldorf curriculum. I am able to teach my kids using any curriculum, if I don't agree with some of the teachings I don't teach them. I say this because most Christian homeschoolers hear Waldorf mentioned and they automatically turn off. Please do not do this as there are so many fantastic art resources available through the Waldorf curriculum suppliers.

Form Drawing
By Melisa Nielson
This DVD set covers grade 1 to grade 5.

It is very good for getting children ready to write in grade 1, and it helps with getting handwriting neat. When doing forms the children cross the midline which is needed to develop the child's fine motor skills, allowing the brain to develop correctly according to society.

My children enjoy form drawing and practice often even when I haven't asked them too. Melisa's A Journey Through Waldorf Geometry follows after the form drawing nicely. You can order this at the same place as the form drawing.

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