Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rock house

Well we are building on our house at the moment. We are here for a week and a half. That does not give us a lot of time to build in as it is the feast of unleavened bread. There is a High Shabbat on the first day and a High Shabbat on the eighth day. And of course we have our normal weekly shabbat on Saturday. We also had to go to George to see a Professor about Caleb's leg. That was another day used up.

We dug the rest of the bathroom foundation and Greg is filling it at the moment. We are building two of the walls with corrugated iron plates.

Caleb is helping his dad build the block layer at the bottom of the walls. He loves working with his dad, it is a time of bonding, and learning. The Autumn air has a definite nip in it, and yet we are getting sunburned. I enjoy sitting with Greg as he builds. My dad helps a lot and really enjoys our company when we are here.

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