Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fruit trees

We are on holiday at our homestead were my dad and sister live. It is Autumn and cold. It was 1 deg. Celsius yesterday morning. Thank goodness for down duvets and husbands that keep us warm!

Six years ago I bought twelve peach trees for the land. I gave six trees to my sister and planted six for myself. The soil around my sisters house is good sandy soil, but the ground around my house is clay. They planted their trees in an afternoon and it took us three days with strong labourers. It took two days to dig the holes in the clay soil and the third day we mixed compost, sand and clay together and put the two year old peach saplings in the ground.

Six years later and my sister has two trees left. They have been producing the most delicious beet peaches ever. They started producing three years ago with just five or six peaches, last year there was ample for her family of seven then and even for us. This year the peaches are falling on the floor as they can't be eaten fast enough.

Our six trees are all still growing, they are growing slower in the clay soil. They have started with their first five or six peaches each this year. I foresee huge amounts of peaches in the next three years or so.

The trees are organically grown with love, water and cow manure.

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