Sunday, April 10, 2011

Music curriculum: Recorder

Music is such a beautiful thing. We have music playing in our house most of the time. We like many different genres in my family, from classical to rock, reggae to Hebraic worship, gospel to instrumental. And so the list goes on.

I never did music when I was young and regret it to this day. So, I am teaching my children to play the recorder. With this comes theory and learning to read music. It is the basic music instrument that most schools and music teachers start with.

I have beautiful wooden flutes (recorders) for the children to learn with. I believe that a woodwind instrument should be made of wood, that it has a special character, warmth to it that you do not get with a plastic recorder.

I use a curriculum written by Marie du Plessis.
  • Tel: 023 3121288
  • Address: PO Box 857, Ceres 6835
There are four books.
Book one
1. Teaches the music notes B, A, G, C', D'. The notes are named and colour coded, for example, Annie A wears a red dress. The children enjoy colour coding their notes and colouring Annie A in a red dress. The timing notes are also associated with for example a fox, or a tortoise. I have always battled with music timing but for the first time I understand it and have grasped it.
Book two
2. Teaches: Shy Donkey D, Eddy E and Old Uncle Middle C.
Book three
3.teaches: Frieda F# and Frieda F.
Book four
4. Teaches: Eddy E' and B-flat.

You get a teachers handbook and two CD's with it. Again this is very reasonably priced. The whole set cost us about R400.00 with postage. You can buy each book separately. But I bought the whole set.

Well, that is the recorder sorted. I am now looking for a guitar curriculum!


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